Latest News - September 2013

Time For A Business Audit?

The first quarter of a new financial year is the perfect time to conduct an ‘audit’ on your business to assess what is working and what needs working on. Although the word ‘audit’ conjures up some pretty negative thoughts for most business owners, this is not a witch hunt. We simply suggest you take a step back to review the direction of your business and your financial goals for the year ahead. Read More...

How The ATO Use Benchmarks

A recent Administrative Appeals Tribunal decision highlighted how the ATO successfully applied the benchmarks to raise additional tax revenue from a Western Australian based Florist. Read More

Apps To Help You Through Your Day

There are many blogs and posts about stand out productivity applications. With so many hitting the market it is hard to keep up. Read more about a few apps that could help you through your day.

8 Top Tips For Managing Cashflow

Statistically speaking, over 60% of businesses that go bust are still profitable but they generally just run out of cash. Read more of our tips to help you with your cashflow.

Legal Hurdles For Start Ups

Starting a business is a dream come true for many people. After years of plotting and planning the official launch is exciting but you need to pay attention to some legal basics so your fairytale doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare. Read More

Recommended Reading

The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss and The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

3 Simple Online Marketing Activities You Can Start Today!

Online marketing campaigns don’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are ways to market your brand that cost you nothing but your time. READ MORE about the three activities that will increase your online exposure and help get your brand out in the marketplace.

What Is The Tax Office Up To?

With the total number of trusts growing in Australia, the Tax Office has expressed concern about their use and this is the first full year on the new contractor reporting requirements for the building and construction industry. READ MORE

6 Tips For Selling Your Business

What are your options if you are trying to sell your business but can’t find a buyer prepared to meet your asking price? Here are 6 things you can consider when you are trying to sell. READ MORE

What Changed On July 1, 2013

The Government made a number of changes which came into effect on July 1 2013 including Superannuation Guarantee Contributions and changes to the Net Medical Expense Tax Offset (NMETO). READ MORE

Data Storage Solutions For Business Owners

Don’t risk storing your important files on a USB memory stick anymore. A cloud-based storage solution is a ‘no-brainer’ for business owners, allowing access to important documents from wherever you are, via your desktop, laptop or mobile devices. READ MORE

Why YouTube Is Important For Your Business

What has YouTube got to do with your business and who really watches video clips anyway? How can one promotional clip dramatically increase your business exposure in the marketplace? READ MORE

Privacy Is Your Business

Privacy is a major issue which many businesses don’t take seriously. With the Privacy Law Reform Act passed in November 2012, business owners need to get up to speed on the changes that come into effect on March 12, 2014. READ MORE

It's Getting Cloudy For Business Owners

There’s no doubt that Internet based technologies are transforming the business landscape throughout Australia. Cloud computing remains one of the big issues facing business owners going forward. READ MORE