Apps To Help You Through Your Day

There are many blogs and posts about stand out productivity applications. With so many hitting the market it is hard to keep up. Below are just a few that could help your productivity:

Optimising Your Email Apps

If you find sorting, checking and following through on emails eating into your time there are apps to help you manage this more effectively. Research suggests it takes 4 minutes to re-focus after an email interruption so you can minimise them with the following apps:

  1. Mailboxis a free app that helps tackle the overflowing g-mail account with convenient labels for unread emails and features that let you swipe messages to archive or trash instantly.
  2. Taskforceallows you to convert emails into tasks, within your inbox so you can also delegate tasks or save them for later.

Saving Ideas/Plans/Links Apps

Don’t lose track of those great ideas, tasks or information you’ve found. There are a myriad of to-do list apps but here are a few of the best.

  1. Clearis iPhone’s most beautiful to-do list app ($2.99) and it's great for those simple lists. You can swipe, pinch and drag tasks and even store them in iCloud. Perfect for busy people.
  2. Evernote– Save time and energy by saving and syncing all your notes, clippings, tweets, photos, files, to-do lists, reminders and more across all devices, all platforms. This is a highly rated free productivity app.
  3. Cloudonis a free app which allows you to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create documents on the go on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Users can sync with Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts as well as email contacts directly from their mobile devices. If you quickly need Microsoft files and don’t have time to get to a computer to add that attachment, this app could be what you need.
  4. Pocket(formerly Read It Later) is a free bookmarking tool that syncs across all devices. Save snippets from websites, tweets, texts, videos to read later on your phone, tablet or computer with or without internet connection.

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