Looking To Build A Winning Website?

A great idea, an innovative product or loads of talent or enthusiasm is not enough to guarantee success in the digital age. The internet has changed the way we do business and most people now carry a smart phone in their pocket and have access to the internet and their emails anywhere and at any time.

The way we communicate with our customers and friends has changed courtesy of social media while people now use Google to search for products and services online rather than open a Yellow Pages book or scan the local newspaper. We store our music on iTunes and our photographs on Facebook. At the same time the marketing techniques used by small business owners has changed thanks to technology and we are witnessing a decline in the effectiveness of advertising media like television and newspapers.

In a marketing sense, the importance of your website continues to rise. It should be your marketing hub and remains the most effective, least expensive way to attract new business and increase sales. For most business owners, your website’s primary purpose is to attract more leads and generate more revenue. Full stop. It is your silent sales person working 24/7 yet less than two percent of businesses have websites that really deliver. Too many people treat their website as a billboard that simply lists the who, the what and where of the business. In other words it is an electronic business card that lists the people, the products, the prices and the place you can be found.

As you’ve probably seen, in the last few weeks our website has undergone a makeover. It was a carefully planned process and we are incredibly proud of the final product.

The great news for you is we documented the website process we followed and have put it together in a highly valuable e-book titled, The 1 Simple Secret to Growing Your Business – It’s What Separates the top 2% of business from the rest.

In the guide you’ll learn about what we call the website essentials. These features have the potential to turn your website into a marketing magnet. Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business and we have even created the ‘website winning formula’ that gives worked examples of these features and functions to help your website stand out in a crowd and turn visitors into customers. The truth is, if your website doesn’t have these features then your business probably won’t reach its full profit potential.

In the last few months we have also been working with clients and helping them develop their websites. It’s fair to say that using the ‘formula’ has given them a serious competitive edge in their industry. To access the guide simply go to the home page of our website and download your free copy from the right hand side of the page.

In the digital age marketing can be the difference between a good business and a great business. If you need any assistance with your branding, video production, responsive website design or search engine optimisation, call us today and let’s get to work on your business so it’s more profitable, valuable and saleable.

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